Giorgio Buccellati
Curriculum and itinera

     Curriculum is a "race" – a curriculum vitae is a life's race.
     Iter is a "trip" – itinera are the different directions the race can take.
     My itinera reflect complementary intellectual interests and corresponding institutional affiliations. You will find them listed below, with links to a fuller presentation.
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     humanities commons

          Photo-anagram 2009 by Svetlana Ivanova:
with my wife Marilyn in our library in Brentwood

Research interests Institutional affiliations
Overview IIMAS – The International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies
Linguistics, literature, philology Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, UCLA
History Department of History, UCLA
Archaeology Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA, Urkesh, Terqa
Philosophy Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Digital analysis Cybernetica Mesopotamica

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Companions to book publications elaborations, additions and corrections to my paper publications
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