Giorgio Buccellati


A brief profile

     This is a scholarly personal website, in which I review my research and give access to most of my publications in electronic format.
     It is meant not only to provide information, but also to offer a synthesis of the different strands of my research, showing how they are held together by certain basic underlying concerns that have been recurrent in my scholarly activity. Being this a work in progress, I also highlight elements of my research on which I am actively working at present.

     The first part deals with the major areas of research, with a descriptive statement and links to the pertinent publications. For each area, I also give a link to other websites that reflect my current institutional affiliations.
     For this Overview, I give a link to IIMAS, an umbrella organization that coordinates on an institutional basis my various research efforts.

     In the second part one will find bio-bibliographicak information presented in a conventional format.
     The section on Bibliography gives all my published titles in chronological sequence. Where available, I also give links to electronic versions and to abstracts. More of these will be added as time permits.

     The third part gives links to outside websites.

     The fourth part contains appendices that add new materials relating to my research and expand on the original nucleus.
     The Addenda and corrigenda provide various types of supplements to my paper publications.
     The research themes are excursuses on certain points of my research that do not fit in the first part.